College & University Scholarship Programs


Cleveland Clinic Nurse Scholar Program Sponsored by the Howley Foundation

This program has been developed with the Cleveland Clinic to provide an educational continuum for underrepresented students to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The Cleveland Clinic is a world class medical institution employing over 12,000 nurses with a vast collective and diversified expertise in professional nursing.

Students in this program begin as Juniors in high school with an enrichment program. As high school seniors, they return as mentors and transition to Cleveland Clinic employees after graduation. They then work toward an RN degree at a local college with part time work as feasible. Upon completion of the RN degree, candidates may study for a BSN while they are employed at Cleveland Clinic.

This program is administered by The Cleveland Clinic. Learn more about ASPIRE at

Howley College Scholarship Program

This program provides graduates of Cristo Rey High Schools with financial and other resources to help them graduate from college and gain meaningful employment or pursue graduate school with a clear path to the work force.

Students in this program are required to report to the Cristo Rey Network in writing twice a year and maintain a 2.0 GPA. The scholarship is renewable each year for four years. The amount varies, but is set to help defray the gap between a student’s education costs and ability to pay.

The program is administered by select high schools supported by the foundation.  Current schools include Cristo Rey Philadelphia and St. Martin De Porres in Cleveland.  Please contact the College Counseling office at these schools for more information.

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