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Organization Overview

Are you an educational institution?

Does the grant you seek serve an economically disadvantaged population?

Does your organization hold 501(c)3 status?

Do you work primarily with K-12 students?

Are you located within the Greater Philadelphia or Greater Cleveland areas?

Paragraph Description

The remaining portions of this application will require you to answer questions about your organization, the project overview and funding, and the program curriculum. If you would like to prepare your responses ahead of time, you can download a PDF of the application for reference.

Please keep in mind that to apply for a grant, you will need to add your responses and submit your application through this form.

Organization Contact

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Contact Phone Number

Organization Information

Organization's Name

Organization's Location

Please provide a brief history of your organization

Please provide your organization's mission

What is your organization's annual operating budget? (Please don't enter any punctuation or symbols)

Is your school/organization accredited?

If yes, by what accrediting body?

Project Overview & Funding

Project Title and Location

What is the total dollar amount of the project? (Please don't enter any punctuation or symbols)

What is the approximate timing of the project?

What amount of funding are you requesting? (Please don't enter any punctuation or symbols)

What percent of the project does the funding request represent? (Please don't enter any punctuation or symbols)

If your request is approved, how will you attain the balance of funding for the project?

Organization Program & Curriculum

How has your organization recently provided students with opportunities to increase their socio-economical standing?

Briefly explain the quality of your academic programs. How do you measure your results?

Briefly describe how you incorporate Character Formation into your curriculum.

How does this project align with the mission of the Howley Foundation?

How will you measure the success of your project? Please be specific.