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A Visit With the New Howley Scholars at Villa Angela-St. Joseph

Lorie Howley and Executive Director PJ Reindel were pleased to congratulate the new Howley Scholars in person with a visit to Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School in September. Good conversations took place over breakfast, where these 9 students shared their favorite summer activities and the best book they have read in the past year. “The students here are always impressive,” said Reindel, “and VASJ has been a good partner for us for a long time.  The school consistently identifies students who work hard, perform well academically, and become leaders who are involved in many extracurriculars.  We look forward to seeing their future success at VASJ and beyond.”

The Howley Foundation has partnered with VASJ for over ten years to help support 10 high school scholars in each class.  There are currently a total of 40 scholars at the school.  Additionally, The Howley Foundation recently started a program to support recent graduates of VASJ and other high schools with college tuition and alumni support.

The Howley Foundation wishes this new group of Howley Scholar the best as they begin their high school education.