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Hope to Pilot Howley Middle School Scholars Program

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The Hope Room was filled with anticipation and the feeling of something significant about to take place as the Hope Howley Scholars were announced during a special assembly last month.

The Howley Family Foundation has been assisting students in Cleveland and Philadelphia with high school tuition and a view toward college readiness. A Hope alum, Troy Taylor, is a Howley Scholar at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School. Hope Partnership is now one of three middle schools in Philadelphia to have the distinction of piloting the Howley Middle School Scholars Program.

A small group of parents gathered in the lobby, happy to be invited to an event recognizing students who were selected for the program based on their scholarship, character, and attendance record. The four students chosen among the ten applicants were:

  • Diwud Morrow, Grade 5
  • Mekhi Strong, Grade 6
  • Vanesa Danzler, Grade 7
  • Nate Benjamin, Grade 7

The entire student body and staff attended the induction ceremony, along with Mrs. Howley and her daughter, Megan Mitkus, who serves as the coordinator of the Philadelphia program. Hope board member and Temple University professor Dr. Sharon DuPree, spoke to all of the students about what it means to be a scholar. “Being a scholar is about being curious, wanting to learn new information and then using what you learn to make the world better,” she said.

Afterward, a luncheon was held for guests and the Howley Scholars and their families. The feeling of accomplishment, pride, and genuine gratitude will help these budding scholars to strive for even greater achievement.

The Howleys believe that a strong education and a value system are vital to becoming a productive, self-sustaining individual. For many children, however, the lack of opportunity to do this is a significant social injustice. The Howleys have developed their Foundation in response to this obstacle in the hope of providing financial support for well deserving students. For more information on the organization, visit