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Howley Foundation Supports Trinity High School Students with New Scholarship Program

Originally published on the Trinity High School website

Trinity High School is excited to announce the Howley Scholarship Program, a new collaboration with The Howley Foundation who has awarded scholarships to 5 students of the Class of 2024. The scholarships total $16,000 for each student ($4,000 scholarships renewable for all four years of high school at Trinity) and will help ensure that these families have the necessary financial resources to receive a college preparatory education, and gain real world work experience through Trinity’s transformational Pre-Professional Internship Program.

“We are so honored that the Howley Foundation sees the importance of the role Trinity plays in our community,” said Sister Shawn Lee, Trinity President. “The Howley Foundation’s support has changed the educational trajectory of young men and women from low socioeconomic backgrounds for many years, and it is what we strive to do each day educating all of our students.”

The Howleys believe that a high quality education combining strong academics and character formation are vital to becoming a productive, self-sustaining individual. Their focus is to make sure that a lack of opportunity or resources does not stand in the way of that pursuit for young people. The Howley Foundation’s financial support will significantly assist young men and women with high school tuition while becoming college ready and career prepared during their 4 years at Trinity.

PJ Reindel, Executive Director of the Howley Foundation, is impressed with Trinity’s commitment to our students. “It was obvious when I visited Trinity that the faculty and staff were so committed to the success of the students. What the school is doing to have kids prepared for both college and careers beyond their school years is commendable. We are excited to collaborate with Trinity, and through our support, help continue their long standing history of educating our youth, especially those with financial hardships. We expect to expand the number of scholarships at Trinity significantly over time.”

Each Howley Scholar will need to maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.0, participate in and meaningfully contribute to extracurricular activities, and maintain good standing with Trinity High School.

“We cannot express our gratitude enough to the Howley Foundation and their belief in Trinity and our student body,” said Linda Bacho, Trinity High School Principal. “Their philanthropic spirit is vital for so many to ensure a strong education, and an opportunity for a successful future.”