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Letter from Nick Howley: Our Commitment to Howley College Scholarship Program

Dear Friends of The Howley Foundation,

The Howley family has a well-established connection with Drexel University. My father, Nick Howley, Sr., was a proud alumnus, graduating in 1950 with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and engineering. I followed in his footsteps, earning my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel in 1975. The family legacy continued with my daughter, Meg, who graduated from Drexel in 2010 with a master’s degree in psychology. Our family history has inspired me and my wife, Lorie, to support this excellent institution of higher education over the years.

Earlier this year, The Howley Foundation pledged a $15 million gift to Drexel to expand the university’s Howley College Scholars Program. This commitment provides financial assistance for up to 10 promising graduates of seven select Philadelphia-area high schools annually. The Program will cover each scholar’s total cost of their academic education and room and board, ensuring access to quality higher education to some of Philadelphia’s best and brightest students.

The Howley Foundation is committed to funding educational opportunities that foster social and economic mobility. Drexel combines academic rigor with a five-year co-op program and provides students with the education and real-world experience they need to best position themselves for success. We see this as an effective path toward high-quality and rewarding careers.

The accompanying spotlight and featured video highlight one of the seven schools participating in this newly expanded program—West Catholic Preparatory High School where the Howley College Scholars Program was first introduced in 2022. We hope you enjoy learning more about this impactful partnership and one of West Catholic’s graduates from the Class of 2023, Sirak Tedla, who recently completed his freshman year at Drexel and is already thriving.

Thank you for your interest in The Howley Foundation.


Nick Howley, Jr.
Co-founder & Chairman
The Howley Foundation