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Malvern Preparatory School Receives $20 Million Gift – Largest in School’s History

Malvern Prep is grateful and excited to announce that it has received the largest gift in school history from The Howley Foundation. The $20 million gift will provide for a variety of needs at Malvern Prep. Most especially, this generous gift will support 40 students with annual scholarships who would otherwise not be able to achieve a Malvern Prep education

The financial support of Malvern Prep is consistent with the Mission and Basic Principles of The Howley Foundation as described by its chairman and founder, Nick Howley III, “We believe that the best way to create social and economic mobility and improve lives is to provide quality educational opportunities,” shared Howley. The Mission of The Howley Foundation relies on two basic principles: 1.) a high-quality education combines strong academics and character formation and 2.) a high-quality program has clear and verifiable effectiveness measures.

Nick Howley continues, “Malvern has served our family well for multiple generations. This gift will support and expand the Middle School and allow 32 students in the Upper School and 8 Middle School students with limited means the opportunity to attend Malvern and participate in the strong academic and character formation that the school provides.”

Nick Howley, Jr., who passed away in 2000, served Malvern Prep as a trustee and Chair from 1974 to 1980. His sons Dan ’71, Andy ’72, Tom ’74, and Mark ’78 are all Malvern Prep graduates. During his leadership at Malvern, Nick Howley Jr. was instrumental in the creation of the Middle School. To honor his commitment and impact on Malvern Prep, the Middle School program at Malvern will officially be named the W. Nicholas Howley, Jr. Middle School during a ceremony in the fall of 2022.

“Our father spent a lot of time and energy helping Malvern through some tough times in the 70s and 80s, including the founding of the Middle School. This is something the four Howley boys who attended Malvern, and the other members of our family have taken quiet pride in over the years. Now, more than 20 years after his death, we are delighted that the opportunity has come up to give broader recognition to his work, and the satisfaction we all feel for the school Malvern has become and will be going forward,” shared Andy Howley, a member of The Howley Foundation board and a 1972 graduate of Malvern Prep. He continued, “My brothers Dan, Tom, Mark, and I all graduated from Malvern, and feel great pride in our father’s work for Malvern, particularly the Middle School. We’re excited that this gift will honor his achievements.”

In addition to scholarship support, a portion of this transformational gift will be used to enhance the physical plant of campus in the construction of two new turf fields and a student experience center which will consist of team rooms, a fitness area, academic and classroom space, and offices for staff and administration.

“This generous and transformational gift of the Howley Foundation allows those financially deserving students and their families to experience an education that will change the trajectory of their lives. The multi-year scholarships assure retention and instill a keen incentive to succeed. The Augustinian philosophy of education offers young Friars an excellent academic experience while emphasizing the importance of Friar Brotherhood so essential for lifelong friendships,” shared Fr. Donald Reilly, Head of School.

Current Chair of the Board, Joe Davis ‘90 P’21 expressed, “This gift continues Nicholas Howley’s legacy of leading Malvern to found a Middle School that is a source of exemplary Catholic education for boys and young men. I am eternally grateful and humbled by the Howley Foundation’s monumental gift in our future.”

Construction for the turf fields and Student Experience Center is expected to begin in late 2023/early 2024.

Malvern Preparatory School is an independent, Augustinian school for young men in grades six through twelve. Since 1842, the School’s tradition has been to prepare young men for college, for leadership, and for life. Malvern educates its students in a caring environment focused on academics while maintaining a balance between spirituality, arts, athletics, and activities. Students are learning a foundation of knowledge today so that they may lead with integrity tomorrow.