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Reflections on Importance of Trade-Based Education Opportunities

Dear Friends of The Howley Foundation,
Higher education plays a key role in advancing opportunities for upward social and economic mobility. The Howley Foundation is proud to work alongside our partners to create greater access to high-quality education.
While many quickly assume that higher education equates to the pursuit of a four-year degree, the need for trade-based education is on the rise. Programs that teach carpentry, masonry, landscaping, and other skilled trades can lead to steady, high-paying jobs with reputable companies, positioning students for long and satisfying careers.
No matter what type of career path students choose to pursue, prioritizing character development should be a trademark of a high-quality education. Williamson College of the Trades is a great example of an innovative, educational institution that blends the right mix of academics, character development, work ethic, and job placement for students upon graduation. It’s the type of school The Howley Foundation seeks to support.
While much of the funding provided to Williamson is in the form of scholarships, the Foundation has also invested in capital improvements and outreach efforts. Since all Williamson students are required to live on campus, housing has become a major factor in determining class size. The Howley Foundation is helping overcome that barrier by funding a new dormitory that will accommodate 72 additional students.
We at The Howley Foundation are impressed with the way Williamson College of the Trades is impacting young lives and we’re proud to be part of their work.
To learn more about this work, please see the Williamson College of the Trades spotlight and video feature.
Meg Howley
Executive Director
The Howley Foundation